See this guy has picked up a stone, you want to go in the direction toward the Lixiao Man threw, Fan Ye smiled quickly stopped him. The top of each plant trees are hung with a bright red fruit, cherry shape, but are big enough to have chicken eggs. After the first one they eat fruit, wait a moment, only to feel energetic body a lot, and no other discomfort. Fan Ye won a number of springs, a little fragrant smell, although very short, but it dmoncler weste damen oes exist, said: These trees can bear fruit so strange, most have some relationship with these spring pool. Legendary Bird ah! Hunger to a certain extent, can not wait to swallow his tongue, not to mention the face of such sweet fruit. Cade seriousness, stammered and said: ...... Which compelled people to have all kinds of associations, in that distadoudoune moncler femme nt antiquity between heaven and earth really have called Peng Bird exist? Really can not stand the person next to them both, to take steps to move away, all very embarrassing to go to solve their problems. Pombo Pieliaopiezui disdain, said: I still have the foresight, the temple ruins on Mars has left traces of my great, I think even then the last few hundred years thaveste moncler t is the greatest human exploration Star One witness! We came in the end what kind of a world? This half a meter tall trees are verdant, is very uncommon, but each plant are only the top knot a fruit grown around the spring pool a total of only thirteen jasper-like trees, at the moment still only but the remaining five sparkling bright red fruit. Into a bird, its name is Peng. But the people were not discarmoncler jackets sale ded, hopeful relics in god god can re accumulate Hui, for future use, if it can be repaired, it will be relying on their future greatest. Pombo softly muttered. Pombo suddenly have found. They sat one meter square fountain pool, began to devour, juice splash. They are very cheerful, even came to a strange world, nor frown, but with an optimistic attitude to face. Beside the pool in the spring growth of more than a domoncler jacket zen strains of half a meter tall trees, leaves large, glistening green, the shape of the human hand, it seems few Dobby villain standing there. They rest for a moment on this, eating fruit, drank some spring water, then took off the remaining five fruits.

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