Not toxic. Then Pombo also picked a bright red fruit, said: die, this fruity too tempting, and I could not resist, the first taste. When Fan Ye and Pombo came, suddenly heard bursts of heavy fragrance, fruity, all of a sudden all eyes are attracted over, many people are involuntarily swallowed, many people have already had hunger feeling. Never been to such a delicious eaten fruit, it really too hungry? However puzzling is that in many other ancient textsmoncler weste damen also have records on the bird was, and even many ancient books with conclusive unwavering tone called When the bird does exist, but not be as large as the legendary thousands of miles. Hunger to a certain extent, can not wait to swallow his tongue, not to mention the face of such sweet fruit. Gollum do not know who's belly rang, many people are feeling very embamoncler boots rrassed, people always want to eat and drink Lazard, many people call the tune, find secret places to go easy. Many people pay close attention to the hands of the gods relic, but at this moment all the Buddha is already bleak, and even some of them have cracked, cracks appeared a road, be completely damaged. Delicious ah! Obviously this does not conform to the existence of some common sense, Birdoudoune moncler femme d again is impossible to have such a great shape, this is an extremely ancient exaggerated description. Really can not stand the person next to them both, to take steps to move away, all very embarrassing to go to solve their problems. Fan Ye picked a bright red fruits, care in the hands looks very attractive, shining brilliantly, like red jade carved. Beside the pool in the spring growth of more than certilogo moncler a dozen strains of half a meter tall trees, leaves large, glistening green, the shape of the human hand, it seems few Dobby villain standing there. I think your rough skin and flesh, vulnerable to the attack, the most suitable test poison. Poof Fan Ye drink mouth water just suddenly sprayed out, the hands of the mineral water bottles are thrown away almost followed. North offerings with fish, its called Kun. Fan Ye is also strange, hmoncler jackets eard immediately nodded his head and said: This red fruit seems really unusual. Came near to the consequences of a more fragrant incense, and even though the Millennium cellar Chen Xiang should be in this gland down. I did not say you ...... great discovery.

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