Fruity Aroma, will not poisonous? In the way back when Pombo whispered: Have you ever felt after eating the fruit, fatigue seems wiped out, I'm feeling energetic. North offerings with fish, its called Kun. Pombo to Yiyi hands stuffed two bright red fruit in the sunlight shining sparkling light. Fan Ye is also strange, heard immediately nodded his head and said: This red fruit seems really unusual. Hunger to a certain extent, can not wait to swallow his tongue, certilogo moncler not to mention the face of such sweet fruit. In front of tens of meters away, several strains bucket thickness piece of land surrounded by vines, where there is a one meter square spring pool, gurgle and flow like manna Shinsen general. Regardless, such a sweet and fruity, even though I am willing to try toxic, I do not want to eat those who have in the human brain drillmoncler jacken damen to drill the disgusting reptiles. Pombo Hey laugh or two, and then crouch down and picked up two stones they threw out the distant vines suddenly came back Changqing angry cry: Who, who is so wicked ah? Anger and flying, its wings if the cloud hanging days. After a lot of people in the petrochemical amazed, this is a heartfelt shock, tear easily be a giant elephant, a red sky, grabbed sebonnet moncler ems nothing but a pika, the shape of the large stunning its Juli Zhiwei people stunned. Fan Ye won a number of springs, a little fragrant smell, although very short, but it does exist, said: These trees can bear fruit so strange, most have some relationship with these spring pool. Should be, they must be hungry to die. However puzzling is that in many other ancient texts also have records on the bird was, and even many anmoncler on sale cient books with conclusive unwavering tone called When the bird does exist, but not be as large as the legendary thousands of miles. Cade seriousness, stammered and said: ...... While alone go! When Fan Ye and Pombo came, suddenly heard bursts of heavy fragrance, fruity, all of a sudden all eyes are attracted over, many people are involuntarily swallowed, many people have already had hunger feeling. Legendary Bird ah! Pombo see everyone's dmoncler prezzi emeanor after the laughter, and then deliberately toward an azimuth heavy cough a few times, to make the way to go in the past, suddenly let the person behind the trees shiver, to solve their own problems are not too prosper. We came in the end what kind of a world?

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